Advanced treatment using various advanced skin care technology to help improved skin texture, tone and appearance.

This comprehensive 5-in-1 facial can be used for all skin types, including acne skin. The treatment combines:

  1. Microdermabration (to exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce dark spots)
  2. Oxygen jet peel (to remove dirts, comedones and dead skin cells)
  3. Mesotheraphy (to rejuvenate and tighten skin)
  4. Ozone (as antiseptic and to prevent acnes)
  5. Photo dynamic therapy/PDT (3 different lights for 3 different conditions, helps to rejuvenate, repair damaged skin, minimize pore, decrease oil secretion, and kill P. acnes)

Do it at least once per month for best result


Microdermabrasion facial uses microdiamond to exfoliates and scrapes up dead skin cells and vacuums them away. Instantly refines skin texture, removing flaky dry skin, and minimal sun-damage spots, and generally smooth out the skin.
Do it at least once per month for best result



Aquaderma facial utilize water jets and vacuum massage to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. It also hydrates and clean out pores, improving circulation, revealing a smoother and more even textured skin. Aquaderma facial can be used for all skin type, including extremely sensitive skin. Oily and acne skin also can benefit from this facial, as it will make less greasy and shrink pores.

Do it at least once per month for best result


Hydrafacial is one of the leading rejuvenation deep-cleansing treatment to reveal radiant skin. It is non-invasive multi-step treatment that combines multiple advanced skin treatment to cleanse, extract, hydrate skin while infusing highly-effective serum in one treatment. Hydrafacial can improve hydration, radiance and even skin texture and pore size

Hydrafacial suitable for all skin type, as it done specifically based on the skin condition and needs before treatment. There are 3 steps in hydrafacial:
1.Cleanse and Peel

The tip generates a fluid vortex over the skin that gently exfoliate, dislodges impurities and dead skin cells without harming the skin
2. Extract and Hydrate

A specifically formulated hydrating serum is used along with vortex suction to clean the pores and moisturize the skin
3.Fuse and Protect

The rejuvenated skin then protected by serum that protects and nourish the skin. The serum is customizable that can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dull skin and enlarged pores. 

Do it at least once per month for best result


Non-invasive treatment to lift and tight the skin instantly in one treatment. Using radiofrequency wave to heat the skin's deeper layers to induce new collagen & elastin production, helping skin become firmer and thicker. Helps to prevent & reduce the sign of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin.
Do it every week for better result




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